Quest Raptor Coil 11x9" for X5/X10/Q20/Q40 - Treasure Coast Metal Detectors

Quest Raptor Coil 11x9" for X5/X10/Q20/Q40

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Explore beyond the limits in a wider radius with this elliptical shaped search coil. It matches with most Quest brand models. Compatible with the X series, Q20 and Q40 metal detectors this search coil features:

  • Screw in connectors
  • Epoxy resin filled
  • Water Resistant letting you go beyond dry land
  • Turbo Double D Coil Design
  • Coil Cover included
  • Weight: 368 grams/ 0.08 lbs
  • Size: 11 inches 9.5/ 28cm by 24cm

 Expand your treasure hunting experience with your Quest 40 metal detectors. The Quest Raptor Search Coil is a must for the serious treasure hunting seekers. Let the search coil expand your treasure hunting reaches.

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