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Quest Waterproof Headset 3-pin compatible with Quest Pro Metal Detector

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Pick up on those weaker audible signals when using these Quest waterproof headphones. Designed specifically with a 3-pin audio connector to connect to the Quest Pro series metal detectors, these headphones transmit signals from the metal detector even when they are lower frequency. It is all too easy to miss a signal on a piece of metal that is buried deep and giving only a faint signal on the unit, but these waterproof metal detector headphones isolate the sound so it is easier to detect.


These Quest waterproof headphones are created with an adjustable headband to ensure a secure fit of the earpieces over the ears. Plus, the spiraled connector wire of the headphones helps prevent excess cord from getting in the way while the headphones are being used. Slip these headphones on and make your way to those buried treasures that may otherwise be out of range and hard to pick up 

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