Minelab & Treasure Coast Metal Detectors Military Discount

Minelab Military Discount Program

To receive your Military Discount just  email us at info@treasurecoastmetaldetectors.com or call us at 888-355-5255 
NOTE: Your order will not be shipped until the required document is received. The easiest way to send your document is by replying to the emailed purchase invoice, which you will receive shortly after your purchase, with the document attached. Or you can email the document  to info@treasurecoastmetaldetectors.com.  Call 888-355-5255 with any questions. 
Please read the info below.

Minelab and Treasure Coast Metal Detectors, together, offer a 15% military discount to Military Veterans and Active Duty soldiers.  This discount applies to most Minelab Metal Detectors, but does not apply to Minelab Accessories.No bundles. Discount is for the Detector only. 

  • The discount is only applicable for the individual listed on accepted document (acceptable documents are listed below).  Receipt and registration must be in the name of the individual.
  • Only 1 detector may be discounted per individual.
  • The discount is applicable for 1 detector per year (this is under review and may change)
  • Minelab Go-Find and Vanquish series metal detectors are NOT included in the 15% Military Discount Promotion.  All other Minelab detectors are.
Acceptable Documents include:
- DD-214
- Driver’s License – Some states have begun to note “Veteran” on License
- Certificate highlighting branch of service
- Any other form of ID must be approved by Minelab first.
* A military ID is not an acceptable document since it is illegal to make a copy of a military ID.
* A government employee ID, such as Dept. of Veterans Affairs, do not qualify.
* The individual making the purchase MUST be the individual on the military ID
From One Military Veteran to another Thank you for your honorable service. 

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