Gold Panning & Testing

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      Strike Gold with Confidence: The XP Metal Detector Gold Pan Test Kit

      Panning for gold is an adventure unto itself, but unearthing those precious flakes requires both skill and the right tools. That's where the XP Metal Detector Gold Pan Test Kit comes in, offering a complete treasure-hunting setup to refine your technique and maximize your gold recovery.

      Master the Art of Panning:

        • Premium XP Gold Pan:¬†Experience the difference of XP's innovative design.¬†4 distinct panning zones ‚Äď Snake Skin,¬†Large Riffles,¬†Mini Riffles,¬†and Sandy Zone ‚Äď cater to every gold size and type,¬†optimizing your catch.
        • Stackable Classifiers:¬†Double your efficiency with these two classifiers that seamlessly combine for double sieving action.¬†Separate larger rocks and pebbles before reaching the delicate gold-panning stage.
        • Visualize Your Success:¬†The vibrant blue pan interior provides optimal contrast,¬†making even the tiniest gold flecks stand out,¬†so you never miss a precious prize.

      More than just hardware, this kit equips you with:

        • Magnifying Glass:¬†Get a closer look at your finds and confidently identify gold from fool's gold and other minerals.
        • Vials and Pipette:¬†Securely store your gold treasures and transfer them with precision,¬†ensuring no nugget goes astray.
        • Suction Bottle and Mini Tubes:¬†Clean and isolate your gold finds effortlessly,¬†preserving their natural beauty for years to come.

      This kit is for you if:

        • You're a beginner eager to learn the art of gold panning with the best tools at your disposal.
        • You're a seasoned prospector seeking to level up your panning technique and increase your gold yield.
        • You appreciate quality craftsmanship and innovative design that makes every gold hunt more efficient and rewarding.

      Invest in your gold-hunting success. Invest in the XP Metal Detector Gold Pan Test Kit. Start your own metal detecting journey now with Treasure Coast Metal Detectors