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      Unleash the Power of Discovery: XP Metal Detector Coils and Accessories

      Unearth hidden treasures and maximize your metal detecting adventures with XP's innovative collection of coils and accessories.

      XP coils:

        • Unmatched Sensitivity: Detect even the smallest targets with XP's advanced coil technology.
        • Multiple Frequencies: Choose from various frequencies to optimize your search for specific targets, from coins and relics to gold nuggets.
        • Superior Ground Balancing: Eliminate false signals and pinpoint your finds with XP's precise ground balancing capabilities.
        • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the elements and rigorous use, XP coils are designed for long-lasting performance.

      XP accessories:

        • Headphones: Get crystal-clear audio with comfortable, noise-canceling headphones designed for metal detecting.
        • Remote Control: Adjust settings and access frequently used features with convenient wireless control.
        • Pinpointers: Locate targets precisely with high-sensitivity pinpointers that pinpoint your finds with pinpoint accuracy.
        • Coil Covers: Protect your valuable coils from scratches and wear with rugged, custom-fit covers.
        • Stems and Hardware: Customize your metal detector for optimal comfort and performance with a variety of stems and hardware options.

      This collection offers everything you need to enhance your metal detecting experience and make the most out of your XP metal detector.

      Explore the XP collection today at Treasure Coast Metal Detectors and embark on your next treasure hunt with confidence!