OKM 3D Ground Scanners Advanced

      OKM Technologies Take Treasure Hunting to the Next Level

      Traditional metal detectors only provide an acoustic signal when they detect a metal object. However, OKM Technologies has developed a new line of detectors that go far beyond that. These detectors can:

      • Indicate finds with an LED signal and present finds as a live image. This allows treasure hunters to see exactly what they have found, even if it is buried deep underground.
      • Visualize the size, position, and depth of hidden treasures in a 3D graphic. This information can be used to plan excavations and ensure that no treasure is left behind.
      • Discriminate between mineral and metallic treasures, as well as ferrous and precious metals. This allows treasure hunters to focus their search on the most valuable objects.

      In addition to these features, OKM Technologies detectors also reach beyond the capabilities of conventional metal detectors in terms of depth. Depending on the nature of the soil and the size of the object, these detectors can discover treasures at great depths. This is possible thanks to innovations such as the Super Sensor and the Telescopic Probe. The Telescopic Probe is a particularly versatile tool that offers a more flexible application and a space-saving advantage in terms of transportation.

      With OKM Technologies detectors, treasure hunters can now reach new levels of success. Treasure Coast Metal Detectors offer a wide range of features that can help treasure hunters find more treasure, more quickly, and more easily.