Anderson Shafts

      Anderson replacement shafts for Minelab Detectors

      Buy Anderson Detector Shafts & Rods

      Upgrade and enhance your metal detector with Anderson detector shafts and rods. Treasure Coast Metal Detectors supplies detectors and good-quality accessories for all your detecting-related situations. Our products look sleek and are easy to install. Anderson shafts are super light and long, so you can continue your excursions without bending. Now, continue with your treasure hunting for hours without getting tired.

      Anderson detector shafts and rods are perfect for Minelab Detectors and come in various variants, such as carbon fiber scuba shafts, carbon fiber long shafts, carbon fiber regular shafts with lower rods, and more. Our Anderson metal detector shafts will allow for better weight displacement and control over your detector. We offer top-quality products with exceptional service.