OKM Water Detectors

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      Both the OKM GeoSeeker and the OKM GeoSeeker Mini are optimally equipped for water detection, cavity detection and soil investigation. Both water detectors have a color display, internal memory, multi-language operation, a rechargeable high-performance battery, and use an innovative geoelectric measurement method based on the Schlumberger process.

      Compact GeoSeeker Mini for fast and flexible Water Detection by Human Aid Organizations

      The advantages of the GeoSeeker Mini lie primarily in its effective handiness and very simple operation. By means of precise, step-by-step and pictorial instructions on the color display, employees of relief organizations, workers in the agricultural and construction industries or private persons can be instructed in soil investigation and operate the water detector even without much previous knowledge. The handy, compact device is easy to transport and is ready to work in just a few steps.

      This makes the OKM GeoSeeker Mini particularly suitable for field work by aid organizations that want to quickly and flexibly carry out a water and cavity detection in an extensive area, but also for private and commercial use if you are looking for a new water source on your property.