OKM 3D Scanner Software

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      OKM has two types of software for their 3D scanners:

      • Visualizer 3D Studio: This is a professional 3D imaging software that is used to analyze the data collected by OKM's 3D ground scanners and metal detectors. It allows users to visualize detected anomalies and structures as 2D and 3D graphics, determine the position, size, and depth of hidden objects, and analyze detected objects and structures, including documentation
      • Visualizer 3D Studio software by OKM
      • OKM Apps: These are mobile apps that can be installed on Android devices and used to control the functionality of OKM's 3D ground scanners and metal detectors. They also visualize the measured data in 3D graphics, so users can determine if any buried artifacts, treasure, or structure is hidden in the underground.

      The type of software that is best for you will depend on your needs and experience level. If you are a professional user who needs to analyze 3D scan data in detail, then Visualizer 3D Studio is the best option.If you are a beginner or just want to use a 3D scanner for casual purposes, then the OKM Apps are a good choice. Start your own metal detecting journey now with Treasure Coast Metal Detectors


      OKM Apps software by OKM

      Here is a table that summarizes the key features of the two types of software:

      Feature Visualizer 3D Studio OKM Apps
      Platform Windows Android
      Complexity Professional Beginner/Casual
      Features 2D and 3D visualization, object detection, analysis, documentation Control of 3D scanner, 3D visualization