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      Garrett is a worldwide leader in Metal Detector technology. Whether all-terrain or beach, Garrett is the go-to for all your metal detector needs. Take a look at the Ace, Apex, or specialty detectors such as the Axion for gold metal detecting.


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      Garrett metal detectors are well equipped with all the latest features such as a waterproof pinpointer, are of high quality, and promise excellent performance. You can find valuable treasures immediately with these detectors by your side. No matter what kind of terrain or soil condition you are trying your luck on, Garrett metal detectors will never disappoint. 

      Garrett metal detectors are the ultimate tool for all terrains and extreme hunting conditions. They are equipped with advanced features and technology. Garrett metal detectors come with superior detection depth, ease of operation, and striking designs at a price you afford.

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      Garrett manufactures the most powerful metal detectors and accessories. Rest assured that once you equip yourself with a suitable metal detector model and accessories, nothing will stop you from finding valuable treasures like gold, jewelry, and coins. At Treasure Coast Metal Detectors, we have a wide range of detectors and accessories, including-

      • Ace 250 Metal Detector
      • Ace 400 metal detector
      • Ace Apex metal detector (basic package), and many more.

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      In addition to the robust lineup of Garrett metal detectors, Treasure Coast Metal Detectors also proudly stocks essential accessories to elevate your treasure-hunting experience. With waterproof headphones, you can dive into waterlogged terrains without missing out on any potential beeps of hidden treasures. Whether you're a pro metal detector enthusiast or just beginning your journey, our range ensures that you're well-equipped for every adventure. Every Garrett metal detector is designed to keep the user's experience in mind, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. If durability, reliability, and performance are what you seek in a metal detector, Garrett is the name to trust. So, amplify your treasure-hunting sessions with Garrett, and let every trip be a memorable one.

      Metal Detector Accessories Kit For Your Hunting Experience

      Whether you are a novice or an experienced hunter, we have something to suit every need. Our all-inclusive accessories kits come with a wide range of valuable products to make your metal hunting fun and fruitful. Use the right tools and metal-detecting accessories, and always return full-handed. From headphones to carry pouches to trowels and multi-tools, we have curated many different and unique kits. We know choosing a model and equipment that perfectly suits your purpose can be tricky, but do not worry. Call us, and we will help you find the right one. Head to Treasure Coast Metal Detectors today to get the best one!

      Shop Accessories For Metal Detectors Today!

      Metal detectors have many accessories that enhance the overall experience and make metal hunting fun. Browse through the website and easily find our top-selling accessories for metal detectors, including:

      • Pinpointers
      • Digging tools
      • Metal detector coils
      • Metal detector headphones
      • Metal detector carry bag
      • Portable adapter for charging, and more.

      Pursue the most fantastic hobby in the world that combines physical exercise and the potential to find hidden earth treasures. Shop for the right tools and start digging away. Treasure Coast Metal Detectors has a wide selection of metal detectors and accessories. We have everything from top-selling manufacturers that will help you find valuables like vintage coins, jewelry, and more. Call or email us anytime, and we will help you find the right tools and metal detector accessories kit to make your hunting experience much more fun.



      To get the most out of your hunting experience, you must get the right equipment along with the right accessories, including::

    • A quality metal detector
    • Headphones
    • Portable battery chargers
    • Pinpointers
    • Some extra batteries
    • Loop cover
    • Sand scoop
    • Shovel, and more
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        A quality metal detector and the right accessories can help you find valuables such as coins, jewelry, relics, a jar full of cash, and many other items. Our range of metal detectors is ideal for everyone, including children, beginners, or even experienced treasure hunters. Load yourself with the right accessories and get started with your adventure.


        Many things let the metal detector give false alarms, the most common being:

        • Footwear with metal accents
        • Loose cable connection
        • Moisture in the control box of your detector
        • Other metal detectors working in close proximity
        • If your metal detector is acting strange, check the settings to ensure you have yet to set the sensitivity levels on high.

        Unfortunately, the only drawback metal detectors come with is they can only detect electronically conductive or magnetic objects. Metal detectors cannot detect non-magnetic metals, also known as non-ferrous metals, such as copper, aluminum, brass, lead, etc. Also, metal detectors cannot detect stainless steel due to its poor electrical conductive qualities.