Metal Detector Backpack


      All Purpose Metal Detector Cases & Bags

      Protect your valuable investment with a durable carry bag to help you travel comfortably. Our all-purpose metal detector cases and bags are available in different models and variants with zipper pockets and convenient shoulder straps to help you carry them easily.

      They are spacious enough to accommodate any detector without removing the search coil. Our metal detector bags will surely make your life easier and will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

      Head towards your latest expedition comfortably after finding the ideal case per your needs. We offer a wide selection of bags, cases, and pouches that can also be used as additional space for storing Pinpointers, digging tools, water bottles, and more. Head to Treasure Coast Metal Detectors and start shopping today.

      Shop For Metal Detector Carrying Case Today!

      Metal detector carrying cases are large-size bags for metal detectors. It can hold several metal detectors, such as Minelab, Garrett, and more. Our bags come with various features, such as:

      • Carry handles and shoulder handles

      Our bags come with carrying handles and adjustable shoulder straps that are convenient and helpful while traveling. They are great for travel and storage purposes.

      • Durable

      Our metal detector carrying cases are made from high-quality vinyl materials and thus provide convenient transportation and a storage system for your tool.

       Head to Treasure Coast Metal Detectors to purchase convenient and durable carry cases for your metal detector today!