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      Anderson Metal Detector shafts are the industry leader in metal detecting shafts for your metal detector. If you are looking for a great metal detector shaft look no further than Anderson. Treasure Coast Metal Detectors only stocks the best gear to serve your metal detecting needs.

      Shafts and Hardware for Metal Detector

      Are you looking to replace your shafts or buy a new one to upgrade your metal detector? Then your search ends here at Treasure Coast Metal Detectors. We have many different brands and models to cater to your needs and ensure your treasure-hunting stays fatigue-free for a long time.

      Browse our metal detecting online store to get the perfect shafts and hardware for your metal detector. Always choose the one as per the brand and model of your metal detector and if you think you need help to make a decision, then talk to one of our experts and make a prudent choice.

      Furthermore, if you can't find the shaft you need, reach out to us and speak to one of our customer representatives, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

      We have many different brands and models, such as Anderson, Garrett, Steves, and more. Many types of shafts and hardware are available, such as a lower shaft, an upper shaft, a complete shart kit, and more.

      Head on to Treasure Coast Metal Detectors and select one from a wide range of products. Start shopping today!