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      Garrett is a world-wide leader in Metal Detector technology. Garrett has your metal detector whether it is all terrain or beach. Take a look at the Ace, Apex or specialty detectors such as the Axion for gold metal detecting.

      Garrett Metal Detectors for Sale at Treasure Coast Metal Detectors

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      Garrett metal detectors are well equipped with all the latest features, are of high quality, and promise excellent performance. You can find valuable treasures immediately with the detectors by your side. No matter what kind of terrain or soil condition you are trying your luck on, Garrett metal detectors will never disappoint. 

      Garrett metal detectors are ultimate for all terrains and extreme hunting conditions. They are equipped with advanced features and technology. Garrett metal detectors come with superior detection depth, ease of operation, and striking designs at a price you afford.

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      Choose From our Selection of Garrett Detectors & Accessories

      Garrett manufactures the most powerful metal detector and accessories. Rest assured that once you load yourself with the suitable metal detector and accessories, nothing will stop you from finding valuable treasures like gold, jewelry, and coins. At Treasure Coast Metal Detectors, you will find a wide range of detectors and accessories, including-

      • Ace 250 Metal Detector
      • Ace 400 metal detector
      • Ace Apex metal detector (basic package), and many more.

      Explore our products and accessories and prepare your kit today. Never stop your hunt for finding valuable objects with your Garrett metal detectors. Who knows, if it's your good day, you might find something valuable, such as coins, gold, jewelry, or other artifacts. So, go ahead with all your expeditions, explore different terrains.