Metal Detector Batteries & Charger

      Metal Detector Batteries

      As metal-detecting enthusiasts, we know you must be figuring out what are some of the best batteries for metal detectors. Well, we have got you covered. We have all kinds of batteries suitable for various makes and models of metal detectors, such as Minelab, XP, and more. Head to Treasure Coast Metal Detectors and shop for various metal detectors and batteries.

       Treasure Coast Metal Detectors provides a range of batteries you will need; with us, you will find the ones you are looking for. Our batteries come at a pocket-friendly price and with great backup and light modes. Now never run out of battery life while metal hunting with your crew. Head to the website today and start shopping.

       Metal Detector Chargers

      Whether you need a replacement battery or an extra one to ensure your metal detectors run consistently, visit Treasure Coast Metal Detectors for all your needs. We have stocked up all kinds of metal detector batteries from top-notch brands like Minelab, XP, and more.

      Furthermore, we also keep battery-related accessories such as battery holders, rechargeable battery kits, and more. If you are still unsure of what battery or metal detector charger you need for your metal detector, give our experts a call. Our team of metal-detecting experts is always there to help you find the right one according to your needs.

      There are two kinds of commonly used batteries for metal detection; rechargeable and alkaline batteries. The choice is completely yours but still should depend on various factors. Rechargeable batteries help you save a lot of money, as you just have to recharge them upon exhaustion and not replace them altogether. Rechargeable ones should be your ideal choice if you use your metal detector more often. But remember that rechargeable batteries have a low voltage compared to alkaline batteries, which impacts the duration for which you can use your metal detector at a stretch.

      If your metal detector and batteries are new or kept in good condition, the approximate duration they can function is about 20 hours. However, the length can vary depending on the make, model, and way of handling your detector.

      If your metal detector has rechargeable batteries, then you simply attach the batteries to the charger upon exhaustion. If your metal detector has alkaline batteries, replacing them is the only option.

      For starters, begin using headphones, as less energy is expended in understanding the signals and messages via headphones. Many detectorists believe that taking out the battery and storing it separately also enhances the battery life of your detector. If you are recharging your battery, ensure you are not overcharging it at any point. If you are replacing batteries, replace them all at once, do not mix old batteries with new ones. Contact Treasure Coast Metal Detector to find the right batteries for your detector.