Garrett metal detector coils, rugged all terrain and waterproof. Garrett made in the United States and a world leader in metal detector technology.

      Garrett Metal Detector Coils

      Garrett Metal Detector Coils

      Garrett metal detector coils stand out for their exceptional craftsmanship, performance, and adaptability. Designed to enhance the detection capabilities of Garrett metal detectors, these coils allow enthusiasts and professionals alike to discover a broader range of targets with increased accuracy and at deeper levels. The variety in shape, size, and frequency of Garrett coils ensures that every user can find a coil that matches their specific needs and the environments they explore.

      Unpacking the Excellence of Garrett Metal Detector Coils

      • Elevated Sensitivity: Garrett coils are engineered for heightened sensitivity, making it possible to locate the smallest or most elusive targets. This increased sensitivity boosts the likelihood of finding valuable items, enriching the treasure-hunting experience.
      • Deeper Detection Capabilities: These coils are adept at penetrating the ground more deeply, unveiling targets that are hidden further below the surface than standard coils can reach.
      • Enhanced Target Discrimination: With Garrett coils, users enjoy refined target separation, which is crucial for distinguishing between objects that are close together. This feature helps ensure that valuable finds are not overlooked.
      • Adaptability Across Terrains: Garrett's range includes coils that are optimized for various landscapes, from open fields to dense forests, providing flexibility for any adventure.
      • Robust Construction: Built to last, Garrett coils are made from materials that can withstand challenging conditions, ensuring reliability and a long service life.

      Exploring the Types of Garrett Metal Detector Coils

      • Concentric Coils: Known for their balanced performance in sensitivity, depth, and target separation.
      • Double-D (DD) Coils: Ideal for expansive areas, offering broad ground coverage and enhanced target separation.
      • Mono Coils: Best suited for deep target detection, these coils are designed for uncovering items buried deep underground.
      • Concentric/DD Combo Coils: Merging the benefits of both concentric and DD coils, these offer a versatile solution for varied detection needs.
      • Nel Coils: As aftermarket options, Nel coils are celebrated for their extraordinary sensitivity and depth capabilities.

      Selecting the Ideal Garrett Metal Detector Coil

      The choice of the coil should align with your detection goals, preferred terrains, experience level, and budget:

      • Detection Objectives: Define what you're searching forā€”be it coins, jewelry, relics, or goldā€”to choose a coil that's best suited for those targets.
      • Terrain Considerations: Select a coil that matches the ground conditions you'll most often encounter, ensuring optimal performance.
      • Experience Matters: Beginners might start with concentric coils for their versatility, while seasoned detectorists might opt for DD or mono coils for specialized searches.
      • Budget Flexibility: Garrett provides options across a range of price points, accommodating different financial considerations.


      Garrett metal detector coils are indispensable tools for enhancing the functionality of Garrett metal detectors. By offering unmatched sensitivity, depth, and precision, they empower users to discover hidden treasures more effectively. Whether you're embarking on a casual search or a serious expedition, equipping yourself with the right Garrett coil can significantly improve your chances of success. Begin your metal detecting journey with the confidence that comes from using superior equipment available at Treasure Coast Metal Detectors.

      Enhancing your metal-detecting gear with the right Garrett coil not only optimizes your search potential but also makes every hunt a potentially rewarding adventure. Explore the wide selection available and equip yourself for success in uncovering the treasures that lie hidden beneath your feet.