Metal Detecting Harness

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      There are many metal detecting harnesses out there on the market. Minelab's harness is built rugged. Here at Treasure Coast Metal Detectors we have used this harness and carry it because it has been tested by us. If you are looking for a harness that will take the weight off of your metal detector then this is the harness for you. Questions? Give us a call at 772 800 9908 we will be happy to try and answer your questions.

      Necessity of a Metal Detector Harness

      Metal detectors can sometimes be quite heavy. Their weight depends on the search purpose with which they are made and also their coil size. If carried on for a long time, detectors can cause fatigue on your arm. A metal detector harness is an accessory primarily used to distribute the weight of the metal detector onto your body and away from your shoulders and arms.

      Imagine having a productive day and giving up because of tiredness! Heart-breaking right? Not anymore. Hence, a metal detector harness prevents that tiredness, and you can metal detect for much longer durations throughout the day.

      Continue your hunt for hours without getting tired with a good-quality metal detector harness. Head to Treasure Coast Metal Detector and get one today.

      Features of Minelab Pro Swing Harness

      The Minelab pro swing harness is an ergonomic harness designed to provide ultimate convenience and functionality to the wearer. Now you can spend hours in the field, detecting with utmost ease and comfort. The best features of the products include the following-

      • Versatility: you can custom-fit this harness through adjustable points and will also be able to attach eight other pieces of equipment in separate places.
      • Padded Back Cushion: the harness has an extra wide strap with additional padding to provide ultimate comfort and ventilation.
      • It will fit any metal detector: it comes with a universal S-cuff that can be easily attached to any detector. Its simple velcro design provides instant portability.
      • The harness is supplied with a kit that includes: a pro-swing harness, J-strut, bungee cord, universal wrap, and a battery pouch.

      Buy one today to ensure your detecting posture remains correct, and you get more comfortable in the field.

      Buy Metal Detecting Harness Today!

      One of the simplest and most effective ways of hunting for valuable treasures for a long without getting a sore arm is to invest in a metal detecting harness. They are easy to use and fit into any metal detector. It will take the weight of your metal detector away from your arms, shoulders, and wrist so that you feel no fatigue at the end of a long hunt day.

      Whether you are a left-hand or a right-hand detectorist, it can be worn by anyone and still delivers the best results. You can adjust the length per your comfort and easily carry on with the hunt. They are affordable, lightweight, and essential to include in your gear. 

      So, head to Treasure Coast Metal detector and start shopping today.