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      Minelab Metal Detectors are known world wide as the industry leader in new and innovative metal detectors. Get the best. Get Minelab. Do you want a great metal detector that will serve you for years to come and produce the finds that you are looking for? Minelab has your metal detector whether your intested in relic, gold, jewelry hunting. Treasure Coast Metal Detectors has experienced staff that support you before, during and after your purchase. We want to see you succeed in your new hobby.

      Minelab produces the best metal detectors that are simple, easy to operate, and powerful. They are perfect for all kinds of terrains and targets. So, whether you are a novice or an experienced treasure hunter, we have the ideal range of Minelab metal detectors for you.

      These detectors have the right features, are lightweight, and deliver exceptional results. So, no matter what type of terrain your expedition takes you on, Minelab detectors will never disappoint. 

      Hunt for some vintage coins or precious jewelry using the latest Minelab detectors. 

      Minelab Detectors Included Items:

      Treasure Coast Metal Detectors has a full range of metal detectors. Whether you are a beginner and need a simple and easy-to-understand metal detector or an experienced one looking for advanced features, we have a suitable collection for you. Some of the most potent Minelab metal detectors available at Treasure Coast Metal Detectors are-

      • Manticore       
      • CTX 3030 metal detector
      • Equinox 600 metal detector
      • Equinox 900 metal detector
      • Vanquish 340 Metal Detector and more.

      All these metal detectors come with the latest specs and technology with included items and accessories such as:

      • A starting guide
      • Charging cables
      • A screen protector

      So, buy one today and enhance your overall hunting experience by quite a few notches.

      Why choose Minelab Metal Detectors

      There are many reasons why Minelab metal detectors are the best in the market, including-

      • Whether you are just starting or have already reached the advanced level, Minelab metal detectors are the ideal choice for you.
      • You can use a Minelab metal detector underwater as well. They are waterproof and come with all the latest specs and features.
      • They are suitable for all terrains.
      • They are the lightweight, fast, most reliable, and most straightforward way to find all types of gold and valuable treasures.
      • Some of the Minelab metal detectors are equipped with GeoSense-PI™ technology that quickly and precisely analyzes gold signals and will help you hear the sound and vibration of the gold pieces.