Metal detecting ring return on the beach

The Very Best of Metal Detecting Is Giving Back

Over the year’s my best friend Keith and I have had the pleasure of returning lost items 100’s of times to strangers such as phones, watches, diamond rings, gold chains or even gifts to children that their parents had given them while playing at the beach. We never accept payment for the returns and only ask for a photo of the item lost plus a promise that they will remember us and pass the favor on to a stranger who needs something. Below is one such story

My name is Ilya Yadgarov, I am from New York and I wanted to share a story with you.

A few weeks ago, my family and I went on vacation to Florida and stayed at a local hotel. We spent the first few days indoors since it was raining and the wind was strong. On one of the last days, the sun came out and we decided to enjoy what we came here for.

My father-in-law and I went to the beach to enjoy a beautiful day out in the sun. He went into the ocean wearing his gold ring which he usually never takes off. This ring was given to him by his father during the mid-1900s. When he came out of the ocean, he realized that it has gone and was possibly lost when a wave hit him. He was very upset and tried looking for it by the shore in the evening. We ended up not finding it and went to sleep. 

The next day in the morning, which was our last day before we went back home, I saw Mr. Keith Smith walking around the shore with his metal detector. I asked if he could help us possibly find the gold ring. He then introduced me to Mr. Garry Mueller. I explained my story and they both started looking for the golden ring.  

They started at the shore and slowly started making their way into the ocean, they were deep in about 5 feet. We assumed that there was no luck in finding the ring so we started heading back to the hotel. However, after many waves and almost two hours, they were able to locate the ring and called us to confirm if this was ours. They found the ring!

It was a miracle and a shocker because it was in the ocean overnight and we thought it washed away. We are very grateful for Mr. Gary Mueller and Mr. Keith Smith for their hard work and for finding the golden ring that was passed down from my father-in-law's father.

We offered to provide compensation for their hard work, but they insisted on not taking any.

Thank you very much for helping us and for providing us a miracle and a story that we will tell and never forget.

The Yadgarov Family

New York

October 2023

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