Top Metal Detector Blogs to Follow Now 2023


If you're looking to start treasure hunting with a metal detector, these metal detector blogs are a great resource. Learn which systems and detectors the pros use, read up on the latest finds and discoveries, and get tips from experienced hobbyists.
Treasure Beaches Report 

Metal-Detecting Treasure Hunters

Metal-detecting treasure hunters are all about exploration, uncovering hidden or forgotten history, and the thrill of the unknown. They are adventurers who never know what they will find next – coins, jewelry, arrowheads, and relics long forgotten by time. And while metal detecting can be an exciting hobby in its own right, adventure awaits those who take their hunt a step further, joining organized searches for sunken shipwrecks and other hidden treasures around the world.

Metal-detecting treasure hunters share many common qualities, like their excitement for exploration and their patience and skill in uncovering the past. But there are also a great variety of blogs out there for these curious adventurers, each offering a different perspective or specialty. From how-to’s on basic metal-detecting to ghost stories from the trail and compelling maritime tales of long lost wrecks, these blogs act as an extensive collection of resources and inspiration for metal-detecting treasure hunters across the world

My favorites

Treasure Beaches Report




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Each one of the above sites has a wealth of knowledge that will help you get started metal detecting. It doesn't matter what your location, these four blogs will help you get started with the best hobby ever created.

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