BLU3 Nomad Tankless Dive System

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      (pronounced “blue” like the color of the ocean)

      BLU3 is an innovative company committed to developing the world’s most user-friendly dive systems to ever float on the ocean’s surface. Our battery-powered tankless dive systems are revolutionizing the way people enter the water and experience the underwater world through our patented technology.

      It is through our relentless commitment to research and development that we’ve been able to create the world’s smallest dive system: Nemo. There has never been a smoother transition into breathing underwater.

      BLU3 Nemo - Most User-friendly Dive Systems 

      Are you an adventurer lover and love to spend time underwater? Then this latest, portable, and highly innovative invention will sweep you off your feet. The BLU3 Nemo is a tankless dive system that allows you to explore underwater life easily and comfortably. Now you do not have to carry heavy equipment that takes the joy and thrill away.

      Let yourself live free and enter into a new transition of breathing underwater. Our Blu3 Nemo tankless dive system with a backpack is an all-inclusive kit that includes 

      • Nemo Backpack
      • Smart Reg™
      • Dive harness
      • Battery Pack (add on spares at checkout)
      • Both Dive Flag Types
      • Nemo Online Dive Training Course Guide

      So, get your hand on one today and start diving!

      BLU3 Nemo Tankless Dive System Features

      BLU3 Nemo tankless dive system comes with the latest features, such as:

      • A rechargeable, easy-swap battery pack
      • It's incredibly compact and lightweight
      • It's easy to understand and use
      • It comes with a comfortable dive harness
      • The most important feature is its air travel friendly.

      It is important to note that before purchasing NEMO Dive System, you must complete and pass the NEMO Online Dive Training Course. This course is available online and doesn't charge any fee for its subscription. It will teach you how to make the most of your NEMO Diving experience. 

      Take Nomad BLU3 Diving System on Your Next Adventure

      BLU3 nomad diving systems are extremely portable and travel-friendly. They are perfect to accompany you on your next adventure. So, buy your gear from Treasure Coast Metal Detectors today and never miss out on exploring any underwater site.

      Our BLU3 portable diving systems are battery-operated with custom-designed compressors that float beside you to provide you with sufficient air. They are lightweight and portable and let you easily explore the underwater world.