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      Gold Metal Detectors for Sale 

      Are you looking for some precious coins and jewelry, or simply gold hunting? Head to Treasure Coast Metal Detectors and find the best-detecting equipment you and a buddy can take to the gold fields. Find everything you need at an attractive price at this one-stop shop - whether it's a suitable metal detector or the proper gear.

      Our gold detectors are designed to work effectively on the most challenging gold fields in the world. They are manufactured with high-frequency capabilities and ergonomic slideable armrests, our detectors deliver high performance and comfort. Moreover, they are fully automatic and help you detect even the deepest gold nuggets, which other metal detectors won't.

      As per your selection, our models may come equipped with fully automatic ground balance, the ability to withstand dust, and comprise a control box with eight levels of sensitivity settings. No matter your choice, our range of gold metal detectors will leave you awe-struck with your findings. Even if you want to go for a night hunt, our models with an LCD backlight and LED flashlight will help you march on even in the darkest hours! Start shopping to get one at a discounted price today.


      The thrill of finding gold can reinvigorate you even on your lowest of days. But hunting for those shiny nuggets takes work. 

      Purchase one of the best gold detectors with the latest features to go out there and get lucky. 

      Not all metal VLF detectors can find gold; the right ones help you measure inductance and conductivity, and that's how they deliver exceptional results. A gold detector machine such as Garrett gold master 24k metal detector lets you manually adjust your needed settings and also includes all the latest features such as:

      • 48 kHz power
      • XGB ground balance system
      • Two audio modes with volume control
      • Variable self-adjusting threshold
      • Iron and hot rock elimination
      • Rainproof detector with waterproof search coil, and more.

      All these features make the machine powerful enough to detect tiny pieces of gold and make your hunting expedition a success!

      At Treasure Coast Metal Detector, we understand the unparalleled excitement that comes with every gold prospecting adventure. Our range of gold metal detectors offered at a great price, is meticulously designed to cater to every treasure hunter's needs, whether you're just dipping your toes into the world of relic hunting or a seasoned pro.

      In the world of treasure hunting, having a tool explicitly tailored for gold finds is imperative. Unlike regular metal detectors, a gold metal detector has unique configurations that make it excel in picking up signals from gold nuggets in the ground, where the smallest gold nuggets are often missed by reduced response machines or standard detectors.

      The Very Low Frequency (VLF) and pulse induction technology incorporated in our detectors make discriminating between various metals, such as iron, irrespective of the target's size or shape, a breeze to secure a detected target's position.

      This ensures you spend more time collecting gold targets and less time picking up irrelevant materials in mineralized soil conditions.

      For the ardent gold prospector, the right gear is paramount. Our specially crafted gold finder VLF detector provides an unparalleled metal mode, guaranteeing fruitful outcomes with every exploration. But treasure hunting transcends merely unearthing gold; it's about uncovering tales and reliving history with each discovery.

      Moreover, every detector from Treasure Coast Metal Detectors comes at an attractive price and is built to last. We prioritize durability just as much as precision. Explore the world of metal detecting and transform every expedition into a tale of astounding finds and thrilling relic-hunting escapades.