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      Waterproof metal detectors are designed specifically for metal detecting in the water, although many all-terrain metal detectors serve a multifunctional purpose. Treasure Coast Metal Detectors carries all the major brands of waterproof metal detectors, some as much as 200 feet deep. In contrast, other metal detector waterproof tools are only suitable for a depth of 15 feet. The thrill of metal detecting in the water will provide incredible metal-detecting finds. Here in Florida, a big rush is finding something from the Spanish 1715 fleet.

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      Discover the ideal waterproof metal detector at Treasure Coast Metal Detectors. Our curated selection is perfect for various activities, including beachcombing and underwater exploration. Each metal detector can perform optimally in wet conditions, ensuring reliability whether you're searching along riverbanks, coastal beaches, or beneath the waves. We have quality detectors that can reach great heights up to 200 feet. Our collection features waterproof metal detectors from Garrett, Nokta Makro, and Minelab, offering the best durability and technology. Equip yourself with a waterproof metal detector from our range and confidently embark on your treasure-hunting journey. Order now to start your underwater detecting adventure.