Getting Started With Beach Metal Detecting In 2024

Getting Started With Beach Metal Detecting In 2024

Getting Started with Beach Metal Detecting

So, you have decided that you would like to get into the hobby of metal detecting. You certainly have made the right choice. Metal detecting is probably the most rewarding hobby you could ever get started in. There are so many good reasons.

  • Great exercise
  • Make incredible finds both in and out of the water
  • Make new friends
  • Return a lost item of sentimental value to someone
  • Get paid for metal detecting by keeping things of value, such as coins, jewelry, and relics

What Metal Detector Should You buy?

The first step is to research and to buy metal detectors. Purchasing your new metal detector can be tricky, especially if you purchase your metal detector from a big box store. Most people need to think about where they should make their purchases. It is always best to find a local metal detector dealer who uses a metal detector and has the experience to provide you with the best choice for your budget. I wish I had met a local metal detector dealer before my first purchase. It would have made buying the detector much more straightforward than purchasing two before I found a suitable metal detector for the beach.

Metal Detector Weight

There are many things that you should take into consideration before you purchase a metal detector. First, how long will you be metal detecting each day? What is your physical condition, and how does this affect your purchase? Some metal detectors are heavy and can weigh up to 5 lbs. Others are light and can weigh a little over an lb. These are other factors that one should think about before making a purchase. Will the detector strain your forearm, or how much will it affect your back? Can it be modified so that 3rd party accessories can be used to make the detector easier to swing, thus helping you stay out longer metal detecting. All these things should be considered before you make your first purchase. The goal is to help you improve your health and stamina and keep you enjoying the hobby.


Each Major brand metal detecting company offers some impressive metal detectors now for example minelab metal detectors, compared to the detectors of the past. The latest features include lightweight, multi-frequency metal detectors with upgradeable software to ensure maximum performance. In addition, most beach metal detectors are waterproof, meaning you can submerge them to a depth of 10 feet to 200 feet if you are a scuba diver. Finally, all metal detector brands have loyal fans who swear by the detector and are dedicated to the brand. The bottom line is that to be successful,you must get your coil over the target and be willing to stay with the hobby to learn how a beach changes with each tide and how to work the beach when there is a significant change from a storm or wave direction change.

So, the answer to what metal detector to buy is a challenging one, to make. You want a great warranty and customer service for repairs and accessories to ensure your detector will give you optimum performance. Here at Treasure Coast Metal Detectors, we offer four major brands of metal detectors. All the brands sold for the beach are reliable and will serve you for years. We offer a wide variety and offer advice to all our customers. Need some advice on the best metal detector for your budget and location? Call us and let us help you make the right choice and help you on your way to an incredible hobby.

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