Metal Detecting - The Best Hobby Ever Created

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Detectorists who go metal detecting always meet people. It is probably one of the greatest hobbies you could ever have. If you're detecting at the beach you always get asked the same question. What is the best thing you ever found? Are you just finding coins? Some people will even ask are you looking for some sort of sea life like sharks or turtles? You always find yourself laughing when you walk by with your headphones on and you hear them snicker. He or she is looking for coins. They never find anything. They don’t know that even when your wearing headphones you can hear what they are saying.

When people ask me why are you metal detecting and what do you find? I always tell them that it is like having a birthday every single day. You never know what your present is going to be. Where else can you get great exercise, meet people, make new friends and get paid all at the same time? I don’t know of any other hobby that offers so much for so little. If you buy a metal detector,  stay with it by reading, watching Youtube videos and having a search plan you can be very successful with this hobby. In fact, a find such as a ring or gold chain can actually pay for the purchase of your metal detector.

One thing you have to understand when you go to buy metal detectors or gold metal detectors is that you have to have a plan. You have to be willing to take the time to read, ask questions and be persistent. You have to be willing to dig all those aluminum pull tabs, bottle tops and other aluminum products in order to get the gold, platinum and silver that you’re searching for. If you take all this in to account and take the time do learn your detector you will be very successful with your new hobby. I have a profound love for this hobby. I love to encourage parents to get their children involved in metal detecting. It gets them out of the house and out into nature. There is no better hobby on earth than metal detecting. Take the first step. Make this hobby your everyday birthday. Find your present. You will never regret it. If you talk to anyone who has been detecting for a while you will here them tell you this. The first gold ring I found was hooked. That is a true statement. So, get out there. Find your detector. Get the exercise you need, get paid for doing it and enjoy the outdoors. You will never regret it.

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